Sam Toft - A Bikeful Canvas

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Sam Toft - A Bikeful Canvas. Size 50 x 100cm. Width 38mm

Sam Toft - A Bikeful Canvas.It certainly is a bikeful here! This brilliant canvas print from Sam Toft sees Mr Ernest Hemingway Mustard, his wife Violet and her good friend Mrs Dot Macaroni all tightly squeezed on one bike, as they attempt to pedal in sync with each other! Lazy pet dog Doris sits in the front basket, whilst Precious No.7 perches carefully on the back, along with a goldfish. Horace the duck and his friends are all hilariously sat on the heads of each person, as they try their hardest not to fall off! The background of the canvas is painted in neutral tones, which contrast perfectly with the vibrant shades of Violet and Dot's coats. This is sure to add an uplifting atmosphere to your home once hung on the wall.

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